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Hammam Blanket honeycomb teal

Hammam Blanket honeycomb teal

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Sauna towel, beach towel, throw, picnic blanket, ...

The fouta or pestemal is the traditional hammam towel. Our hamam towels are made in Tunisia in a small workshop in Monastir. They are made on old looms and a lot is still done manually: for example, the fringes are twisted and knotted by hand.
The hammam towels are made from 100% cotton yarn. They are light, do not take up much space and absorb water quickly. You can use the towel traditionally in the sauna, but also as a beach towel, in the park or as a sofa blanket.

Dimensions: 1m x 2m
material: 100% cotton
Care: wash at 30° / iron at medium heat / the fouta can shrink a little during washing and the structure can change slightly.
Due to the materials used, there may be small irregularities in the surface of the fouta.

sauna towel, throw, beach towel, …

The fouta or pestemal is the traditional hamam towel. It is made of 100% cotton. It is very light, doesn't take much space in your bag & quickly absorbs water. You can use it the traditional way, but also as a beach towel, picnic blanket or throw for your sofa.

size: 1m x 2m
material: 100% cotton
care: wash at 30°/ iron with medium heat / the fouta may shrink and change its surface a little by washing

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