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Coudre Berlin

Zipper Shirt black checked

Zipper Shirt black checked

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Checked shirt with a zipper instead of a button placket.

To help you choose your size, here are some measurements you can compare to one of your favorite shirts. So you can roughly estimate which of our sizes fits you.

S 55.5cm (1/2 chest) / 64cm (sleeve length)
M 58cm (1/2 chest) / 65.5cm (sleeve length)
60.5m (1/2 chest circumference) / 67cm (sleeve length)

Loose fit / material: 100% cotton / machine washable at 30°

Checked shirt with zip.

To help you finding the right size here are some measurements that you can compare with your favorite shirt to find out which of our sizes would suite you.

S 55.5cm (1/2 chest) / 64cm sleeve length
M 58cm (1/2 chest) / 65.5cm sleeve length
60.5cm (1/2 chest) / 67cm sleeve length

Loose Fit / Material: 100% / Machine washable 30°

Article No.: 1802-04-04B
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